Friday, May 2, 2014

PM Drew me in and...

Finally the computer has arrived! Sorry about the delay in posts, but on Earth Day our main computer died. I was unable to take pictures. One of my favorite past times. Anyway... we, K & I, in case your wondering who 'we' are, have a new computer. Yay and stuff!
Now, being that it's the month of May, my favorite month, I had to start off my first post on PurpleMoon. Besides, this Drew gown is a MUST have before it's gone. (Yes, the Drew gown will be gone once replaced with another.)
The Drew gown is simply stunning. A silk gown of copper, trimmed with a romantic gold design of a bird, flowers, branches, and leaves. The gown has plunging neckline yet has a modest empire waist lined with black ribbon matching the hem of the lower part of the skirt. The Drew gown also come with elegant black gloves to match. The gloves can be worn with or without Slink hands. But.... do you wanna know the price?
F-R-E-E! Yep Free! 
The Drew gown is a group gift for all PurpleMoon group members. If your not a PurpleMoon member the cost to join is 50Ls and a group space. 
Also beside the Drew Gown you'll find the Fall Romance Set from Lazuri, which perfectly matches this gown! Add the Exile Waiting for Tonight hair and you'll have an enchanting ensemble that will have people asking: Where did you get that from?
AND.... how do I know that? I've had a few people ask me already and now they will ask you. 
Happy shopping!