Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Fairy of Wasteland

Hello my amazing readers, I have some news. As you know all my pictures from my blog come from myself, however until further notice the pictures will be taken by other photographers in SL. Why? Two reasons! One, I don't have my high graphics computer anymore to take pictures and second I've come to find a lot of people who don't take pictures don't know which photographers to hire. In my posts I will include not only the items I'm wearing but who the photographer is and their rates! Shall we get started? I think so!

Let me start by saying today is an EMO-tional day. Get it? EMO-tional? Okay maybe that didn't get you to laugh but I'm sure when you see this styling you will love it. EMO-tions has recently released a new attire called Wasteland. Wasteland comes with wings, skirt, upper armbands, lower armbands, and corset. EMO-tions has created two different color sets for this attire. The one I am wearing is the color of Faith and the other is called Hope. No matter which you get this attire is one word: fierce! When I first put it on, I felt like I could take on the world! But of course before I can take on the world I need the proper hair & helmet.

Hmmm... where do you get proper hair & helmet to enhance this fierce styling? of course! EMO-tions yet again. Luckily I was already in the store so I just walking across the store I picked up the hair Nefertiti and Frida. By combining two amazing hair styles I was able to create the type of hair I wanted. Now I needed a helmet of some sort. I walked around EMO-tions for a bit longer and came across the hair Lyra. Lyra has this beautiful headpiece that I knew would suit for this! This is where major editing came in and once edited I was left with only the headpiece that I wanted. I placed it on the head, but I wanted the fine metal and gems to be longer.  So I made a copy for the headpiece I just edited and put it next to the other. AND Va la! It matched perfectly!

The last touches was the Simone lipstick from Silken Moon & Regency thigh high boots from Bax Coen Design. What do you think of this style? Tell me in the comments below! Now, let me end today's blog post with telling you about this amazing photographer.

In today's blog post my pictures were taken by the talented Avalon Chrome. Have you heard of this photographer before? If not, then you must see her flickr. She's a graduate from Visionaire Institute and her own blog has been nominated for Avi's Choice Award Favorite Fashion Blogger 2014. She's won the best photo contest and landed the cover of NuVibez Magazine. She is simply amazing and she is currently taking clients. For her rates please contact her in SL under: Avalon Chrome.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Downton Abbey

As you might have guessed, I'm a very big fan of historical shows. I've done a number of posts discussing certain movies or shows I'm watching that suddenly inspires me to style. It has happened again today! The show? Downton Abbey

Wanting to bring in the 1920 feel to my styling, I recalled the designer Cerridwen Lynagh releasing Arwen's Mithril not too long ago. But who is Cerridwen Lynagh? Have you heard of this designer before? If not, she's the owner and created of Cerri's Booty. Cerri's Booty is a store I happened to find on one of my adventures in SL. Cerridwen's does amazing glitter attires and whenever I wear one I'm asked, 'where did you get that from?,' it never fails! So why not use it for this styling and show my fellow readers? Why not indeed!

Arwen's Mithril has a number of colors you can choose from. In my styling I favored the blue topaz under dress with the platinum glitter cover. Arwen's Mithril comes with an under dress, dress cover, and a classy pair of strappyheels. Price? Try 399Ls Once again another amazing designer who gives you beautiful things for an affordable price. But what about accessories for this styling?

Luckily I've recently found a new designer that sells stunning accessories at unbelievable prices. If you recall, in another posting, I did promise I would let my reads know where.... and here it is! The store is called Modern Couture. Have you heard of it? If not it's a MUST shop at. Designer and owner, Donatela Couturier, has a vision of jewelry I've never seen before. It's unique and stands apart from other designers I know. Additionally, it's affordable for anyone! Knowing this designers skills I headed over there to pick up Queen Andy's tiara & bracelets. The tiara cost me $150Ls, while the bracelets, that comes in a set of two with earrings, is again 150Ls. Surprised? I was when I came here for my first time!

But what about those long pearl necklaces worn in the 1920s? Where do I get one? Ah Ha! EMO-tion has recently released a necklace set called Abigail. Abigail comes in a set of 6 pieces and each pieces is just as pretty as the next. Honestly, I'll be doing a few posts with this necklace since there are a number of necklaces attached. So be ready to see the name Abigail again, however in this styling I used the long white pearl necklace. How much does Abigail cost? Try 399Ls and personally it's another great buy! With so many necklaces to choose from, you can always mix and match like I did. Stay tuned for more of this necklace set.

Oh! How could I forget! We needed a 1920's hair style. Where to go....where to go.... I know! Lelutka! Josphine from Lelutka is a perfect fit for this 1920s styling with Downton Abbey in mind. What do you think?

And there you have it my delightful readers a styling inspired by Downton Abbey. If you need any help recreating this look please contact me in world and I'll be happy to help! Happy shopping and stay amazingly you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Enrollment is Officially Open at Regal!

Greetings Lords & Ladies,

Regal is proud to announce fall enrollment is officially open from September 23 - December 21. Where is Regal located at? Regal is across from Sweethearts Jazz Club. You're welcome to visit Regal Academy & Agency anytime! Once there you'll find Regal's experience teachers eagerly awaiting to teach you! Want to learn more about Regal staff? Go to the Regal Website and to the right of the page you'll see 'Regal Personnel' with hyperlinks to Regal staff information. What about hearing from other students about Regal Academy? Check out our the Testimonials from Regal staff, students, and alumni. How do I sign up? To apply today please complete our Student Application. What if I want private lessons? Not a problem! Please complete our Private Lesson Application.  Does everyone get accepted into Regal? Sadly not everyone does get accepted into Regal. If you are selected to join our ranks, you'll be contact within 3 business days. If you have any further questions please contact Academy Advisor Az Mystiere or Owner & Founder of Regal Eibhline in world. We'd be happy to assist and look forward to hearing from you.

With Highest Regards,
Regal Advisory

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Who Will Be The Next Miss Azul?

The last reign of a Miss Azul was in 2011, won by the talented Ponchituti Boucher. In 2015, Mami Jewell has opened her doors for the next Miss Azul 2015. But who will win this title?

Regal would like to announce Princess Shannon Bramlington was hand selected by a group of judges as a Finalist for the title of Miss Azul 2015.

Regal is honored to have Princess Shannon Bramlington among the Miss Azul Finalists. As a student Shannon showed such dedication and passion toward her studies. A dream she's had for years is to give back to Mami Jewell by being the next Miss Azul. Regal is delighted Shannon is battling for her dream even with emotional obstacles occurring in RL at the start of this contest. Shannon is an inspiration and define's what being Regal is: "of resembling, or fit for a monarch, especially in being magnificent or dignified."

Miss Azul 2015 has been underway since, March 2015 and by September 27th the crowning of the next Miss Azul 2015 will be made. At this present time, the Miss Azul 2015 Contest has extend an invitation, for a public vote! Out of the Miss Azul 2015 Finalists, who do YOU think should win? Voting has opened TODAY until September 22, 2015.

[Pictures above taken by Magissa Denver]