Monday, April 21, 2014

Groovy 60s Chic Meets Modern Chic!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! I know I sure did. It's been crazy during the holiday, but I managed to sneak some time in to show off my newest mix and match fashion trends. Has anyone tired on the Sandra dress from Prism Design? I did and I felt groovy! Even the theme song for Austin Powers started to play in my head. I wanted to grab my gogo boots and go, go! I guess when you try it on, you'll understand what I mean. The Sandra dress cost 350Ls and it comes with stockings of green or white, which is nice to mix it up.

Wanting to add a bit of modern chic, I next grabbed the Vanya Set from EMO-tions. I love this set! Though, my opinion could be bias because I love butterflies BUT the price doesn't lie. Earrings, necklace, arm-band, and bracelet for  299Ls. They also give you a set of choice: gold or silver. I wanted the use the gold for this particular ensemble because the sunglasses from GizzA Creations matched perfectly. The sunglass from GizzA Creations has gold rims with tinted green lenses. These sunglasses can only be found in the Hannah ensemble.

Next, I added Lana hair from Lelutka (280Ls) and then finally the Luna Red Alert 3 lip tone, from Silken Moon. I wanted to give my lips a real punch! The cost of this lip shade color? 75Ls! NOT for one BUT For 4 lip colors! It's an amazing buy don't you think?

Now it's time for me to groove on out of here! Happy shopping and late Easter!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Dress for the Spring Flowers!

I love Spring but I especially love the Spiring Collections! Prism Design has recently released their Spring Rebecca dress. Rebecca comes in 6 plaided colors, the one worn in the pictures is purple plaid, and it comes with a woven wicker handbag. The woven wicker handbag can be worn with 2 poses: bent arm (in the picture) or straight arm. It can also be a handbag with no pose.

But what's the cost of the Rebecca dress? Try 350Ls. Super cute and super affordable!

BUT with every super cute dress you need to add the right hair style. EMO-tions has got you covered with their Nami hair in GoldenBrown. Cost? 245Ls.

Total cost of the ensemble? 595Ls. I know! I know! Not my traditional 500Ls and under but still a good buy! What do you think?

(This picture will not load correctly once posted. Better quality can be found on my flickr Up Klos Photography )

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Perfect Runway Hunt 5! Silken Moon & Chop Zuey Couture Jewelery

I am now onto the 2nd post for the Perfect Runway Hunt 5! Instead of doing just one item from the hunt I'll be doing two. This way you can see how perfectly these two hunt items fit together. I love it when this happens!

One of the hunt stops is Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry store and item is breathtaking! This amazing designer Belle Roussel, created a set of earrings (long & short), necklace, four bracelets, and ring. AND you guessed it! Since it's for the hunt only 5Ls.

The second 5L hunt item is from Silken Moon. This hunt item is a fitted mesh Betty corset in poppies. It comes in three sizes, S, M, and L and as you see fits perfectly with Chop Zuey hunt item. Please realize this corset is fitted mesh, which means you may have to update the viewer your using for SL. I learned this because I often forget to update my firestorm.

If you add EMO-tions Shelly hair with HOC Industries Emo flats, and [ZD] Frilled Pencil Skirt, you'll have this total ensemble for the cost of $460Ls! That's right this ensemble is under 500Ls!!

 So whatcha waiting for? Start hunting and have fun! I know I sure did!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Runway Perfect Hunt! PurpleMoon

It's finally here! Today starts The Runway Perfect Hunt! What is the Runway Perfect Hunt? It's a hunt that takes place from April 1-30th. There is 50 top designer stores, 50 prizes, and 1 prize to hunt for in each store. The cost of each prize is 5Ls. For the month of April I'll be making a few posts on the prizes in each store. So let's get started!

The PurpleMoon's hunt prize is the Franca gown in blue. Where is it located in the store? I can't tell but it's worth finding!

As for the rest of this styling... I'd be happy to share where the location is! I used EMO-tions Aurelia hair and AlienBear's Mayru bracelets, necklace, & tiara.

(This picture will not load correctly on this site. Better quality on my flickr: Up Klos Photography )