Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Steampunk the Silken Moon Way!

In my last post I talked about the event called Fashion for Life. The Time Traveller Outfit in brown was one of the exclusive designs made by PurpleMoon for this event.  Sadly, this item is no longer available and I'm not sure if it will come out again. I did check with PurpleMoon's management, who's checking with Poulet. As soon as I get an answer so will you! Until then I want to go into what else I used for this styling.

To have an awesome steam punk styling you need the right skin. Silken Moon Silke did the trick with Silken Moon's make up lip Smoochers and eyeshadow Elements. When you buy Silke skin, you will receive the skin and appliers for Slink hands and feet. Cost? Only 250Ls! The lips Smoochers comes in a pack of 5 colors with an open lip option.  While the Elements eyeshadow comes in a color pallet of 6.  The Smoochers lipstick set cost 100Ls and the Elements eyeshadows is 75Ls. Total cost spent at Silken Moon for this awesome steam punk skin & makeup.... 450Ls!

Next I wanted to add a touch of messy hair, Exile Collide in a frost white suited nicely! What I love about using Exile hair is it being modifiable. I was able to move pieces of the mesh hair to fit under the top hat. I love it when it all works out like that! Don't you? Next accessories!

When accessorizing for a steam punk look you need to think 'futuristic' or at least that's what I do.  I thought eyepatch Monocle would fit for that theme in mind and for 60Ls it's a good buy. The eyepatch Monocle has a little machine on the eye glass tinted in gold, which I think is very cool. I then added the Wrought Iron Whimsybrella created from Weather! Or Not. This Wrought Iron Whimsybrella came with a color HUD of 12 colors. Please know the iron is not what changes colors, but within the iron there is a gem that lights up. The Wrought Iron Whimsybrella also comes with an animation pose that has you hold the umbrella. 

AND there you have it! Steam Punk the Silken Moon way!

Please Note: Again, I'll keep you updated if the Time Traveller Outfit comes out again at PurpleMoon. The Time Traveller Outfit comes with hat, shoes, jacket, and skirt.

The links below will take you straight to the items that I am wearing in the pictures.

Silken Moon - Silke: Light Warm

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What is Fashion for Life...

Fashion for Life, was created to help The American Cancer Society. It's an event where many different designers through out SL come together to make a difference. Designers will set up there products for sale and then a certain percentage of the sells will go toward the American Cancer Society. Depending on the designer it can be 25% to 100%.

One dress I came across was by Prism Design called Monica. Monica was created for this event and can only be bought there. The cost? 299Ls AND 100% of this linden goes to The American Cancer Society.  Super cute no? 

Wanting to build on the cuteness I added Chop Zuey Creme'Poof necklace, earrings, and bracelet. It's a cupcake necklace and stunning gems for the earrings & bracelet. 

Pulling back my hair, except for a few wisps I used Exile London Rain and for my feet, RedGrave Donna heels. 

The Fashion for Life ends on June 20th! Walk towards making a difference! Visit today!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

500Ls or Less Lola in Summer...

Summer time is getting closer and closer. Already down here in the south we are at 90 degree F or 32 degree C. It's about time to pull out those summer clothes! Where to shop? Better yet where can you get good quality clothes at a reasonable price? Answer, IceWater. While I was shopping their I found Lola. Lola is an adorable outfit that comes with a mid-drift long sleeve shirt and shorts. You can change the shorts and shirt to 5 different colors. Always fun to mix and match! The cost? $149Ls. Now to add acessories!

Since braids are in this summer, I added the new release hair from Lelutka called Anna in IrishRed. Finally I added some daisy and.....

 TA DA!!!!  You have an full outfit at $479Ls. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Row, Row, Row, your Boat...

don't go very far. Okay, so rowing may not be my “thing”, but at least I'll be looking cute doing it! I owe that to Prism Design, who recently released Leah, and just in time for summer! Leah comes with a shirt, panties, skirt, and belt AND as I said, it's cute, cute, CUTE!

While trying to find the right accessories, I went and did a searching on marketplace. I was looking for something more specific then what I normally wear. Luckily, I found a necklace and bangles that complement the causal chic ensemble Leah. The necklace and bangles are 10Ls each AND you can change them to 15 different colors. Yes, I did say 10Ls.

Because of the recent hot weather already creeping up, the final accessory I added to my ensemble was a sunhat. Sadly, the only way to get this sunhat is to buy the GoGo hair from LeLutka. But GoGo is a great buy too! There is a very good chance you'll wear that hair and use the hat for more than one outfit or styling.

Here's something you may not know about these pictures, the 'wind blowing in my hair' is not a Photoshop trick! In fact, it's one of the newer release from EMO-tions called Windblown 7. I've already had a number of people asking me about this hair so when you wear it know you'll turn heads.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Moxie of Avant Garde

The thing with blogging is you really don't know when you'll be inspired next. Today, I was inspired when I saw the new PurpleMoon release on the Moxie. I honestly went a little crazy and bought the fatpack for Moxie but for a single color it's $250Ls. It comes with a dress and striped tights.

In the pictures below you can see I liked the blue one best! I really wanted to have some fun with this styling because after all, shouldn't styling be fun? I popped over to Silken Moon, knowing it's one of the best places to get an Avant Garde skin tone that will suit and wouldn't you know, I found what I was looking for, Signature in moonglow. Wanting to make my lips and eyes pop I added Silken Moon's Eclipse butterfly eyeshadow and Luna Blues demin for my lips.

Next I went to EMO-tions and grabbed one of their recent releases Antoinette. Now,  if you follow my blog you'll know I love history and historical fashion. So this hair style was a MUST have for me. Antoinette was recreation of a popular hair fashion trend in the late 1700s.  To follow tradition of the 1700s, I kept my hair color snow. Wanting to dress up my hair, I went to Bliss Couture and found Orliang Hat in noir and ocean. The price for each hat is $89Ls, can't beat that price, and they are modifiable.

Now here's a store I have yet to talk about [sYs]. [sYs] is an amazing store that specializes in urban chic cyber fashion for men & women. If I ever want to take my styling to an 'out of this world' look, I go here. In this styling, [sYs] was a must go to! There I bought the jewelry set called Maya. Maya costed me $380Ls BUT the set be can be changed into 28 different colors. At that price, yeah I wasn't going to pass up! Also [sYs] has high quality in all their merchandise so I never need to worry if the texture or parts of the item I buy are poorly made. I highly recommend this place people!

Finally, I needed some boots that were made for walking. Did that make you smile? Yes corny, but funny! Moving on, I went to Bax Coen Designs and picked up Regency in black leather.  Now as far as the boots go select the length you like. This ensemble will look good with knee highs and ankle boots too. It depends how much of the tights you want to show. Personally, I felt like thigh highs for today but may change it to another pair tomorrow. The way I see it, just pick someone that makes you go 'yyyyoooouchhhh' if you get my meaning.

And there you have it, a the Moxie of Avant Garde! If you have any questions or need help don't hesitate to contact me.

The links below will take you straight to the items that I am wearing in the pictures. Happy shopping!