Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Humbly M'lord...

My day off and I'm watching The Tudors & Braveheart. There's something about the middle ages and renaissance that I adore! So I thought why not create a styling from this time period? In the past I've done some mashes of different styles in other posts, but today I am going toward the traditional route. Thankfully  the store Les Encantades can help me out with their new release, founded only at The Conquest SIM, called Lyanna Azur. I fell in love! For those of you who watch the Game of Throne's, Lyanna Azue was inspired from the Stark House of Winterfell. Les Encantades does offers 4 other gowns inspired by the other lands, and YES they are all a MUST have, but act fast! It's there for a limited time only! Cost of the gown? Try $200Ls, a steal if you ask me!

Wanting to keep the traditional route I headed over to Oblivion and picked up the hair called Middle-Age 025. What I love most about this hair is you can wear it with or without a hat; the hat comes in six colors. The hair itself can be worn as an updo completely or an updo with a low ponytail (in the picture I have my hair all up without a low ponytail). Now if you're one of those people who say Oblivion doesn't have good textures, you are mistaken. Oblivion has updated their vendors! The textures are vibrant and honestly, for me, it was hard to pick which color to use.

Finally I needed a piece of jewelry that will pull this look together. Chop Zuey has recently released a new set called Chandrani. In this styling I didn't get the chance to use the stunning earrings and bracelets that comes with this set, however I was able to use the necklace. If you look at this necklace closely you can see how magnificent it really is. When I placed the Chandrani necklace on, my styling is complete.

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                      The links below will take you straight to the items that I am wearing in the pictures. Happy shopping!

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