Friday, January 23, 2015

Be a Skater Punk! Why Not?

I wanted to show my punk side today. Wicca's Wardrobe helped me out with their newest release of Horizon Jacket and Ares Pants. The detailed accessories on the Horizon Jacket and Ares Pants is amazing. It's so realistic! It might be the vibrant plaid color on the collars, pockets, and flair bottoms. Or it could be the belt. How about the pants chain dangling behind? No, I got it! It's the zippers, straps, studs, and rings! Okay, Okay, maybe it's each piece that makes it is so amazingly realistic. But that's not all. Both creations come with eight changeable colors, and price? How about,  295Ls each. In total for the full Horizon Jacket and Ares Pants 590Ls. Worth it? Most definitely!

Wanting to keep the punk style going I headed over to Truth to find Holly. I've never had black hair before, so it was a nice change! Tipped with blue it helped draw out the plaid of blue and green. Next something around my neck. Now I didn't want to go with the 'normal' necklaces, I wanted something catchy. I headed over to [MANDALA] and ta da! The unisex Smexy Tie Necklace drew me right away. Selecting it and then moving onto shoes. I will say at first finding the type of shoes I had in mind took a minute until I recalled HOC. HOC sells a mix of affordable accessories and shoes. There I found the Lowtops and it was easily changeable to 9 colors. Cost? 50Ls.

Though this post isn't under 500Ls for the full styling, it's still considered to be a skater punk styling to have in any wardrobe.  Don't you think? If you have any questions about this styling please don't hesitate to contact me in SL. Thank you

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prepare For Les Encantade

Remember the SIM called Genre? If not, Genre is a SIM where certain designers are selected to place out unique creations. There I found a new store called Les Encantades and I fell in love. Les Encantade is created by the talented Anouk Haiku. Anouk creations consists of stunning role-play medieval, gothic, and fantasy ensembles. I can tell you this much, her designs inspires me! Radella is one  I must share. Radella is an enchanting gown with fur collar (removable), gold trim waist line & bust, and has gold stars trickling down the shimming fabric of the floor length skirt. But that's all not all!  It comes with an unique tiara and shoulder accessory. The unique shoulder accessory I wanted to use again for the bracelets. Luckily the items are easily copyable! I took Chop Zuey L'Aricaine cuffs and attached the copy items of the shoulder accessory to the cuffs. Then ta-da! You have matching bracelets!

Now, time for hair! Cadice Deux from Zibska suits beautifully. It's modifiable which allowed me to add blue streaks, bring back the blue in the gown. The same blue color I used for the streaks I was able to use for the modifiable, U Color It makeup set from Madrid Solo Cosmetics. In case you want to do the same. The color code for the blue that I used for hair and makeup is - Red: 26, Green: 69,  Blue: 96. Wanting to break up the coloring, I added another makeup from Madrid Solo Cosmetics Insanity Plea in gold. The complete styling reminds me of the Hunger Games meets the 1700s. What do you think? It makes me want to say, "May the odds ever be in your favor." 

I wanted to show Radella gown in different wind light settings because the gown is beautiful.

Radella gown can only be found on the Genre SIM. Please know this stunning creation will be available until January 31, 2015. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Date Nights Are Coming!

February is almost here, which means a lot of date nights! Are you looking for something sexy but classy? Look no further! Gaall has just release Casablanca and can now found at the Regal Boutiques! The dress starts has a vibrant bodice with a lovely plunging neck line. As you travel down the dress it clings to the curves of any ladies body and it finishes in a chic black skirt. Now the dress is check! What about the shoes? Don't worry Gaall has you covered! Casablanca comes with black closed toed shoes laced in the back and tied with a bow.

Since it's a date, let's do some soft curls Gone hair from Magika. Oh shoot! You forgot your contact! Thankfully you have TITB Mesh Black Glasses for Kemono.  Look in the mirror once more before you go on your date and you will see a sexy, classy, ensemble that will make your date smile from ear to ear.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Thank You Berry Much!

Prism Designs has created the adorable Jenna in winter berry. I adore it so much, I just had to say thank you berry much to Prism Design. Corny I know, but I'm allowed to be! Jenna comes with shirt, belt, jeans, and studded boots. Jenna also comes in 6 different colors with different shirt prints and is Lola appliers friendly.

Wanting to show off how cute Jenna is, I went to simple yet elegant for hair. Kate, from Lelutka did the trick with the lovely flip wave at the ends and slightly covering the eye.

Do you think it's adorable too? If so, stop by Prism Design to pick it up today. Hyperlinks below will take you straight to the location of the items. Happy shopping!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Become Star Struck!

Vengeful Threads has released a new item called Star Struck only found at Genre. Genre is a SIM where certain designers are selected to place out unique creations. Anyone would become star struck if you saw this ensemble by Vengeful Threads! Why? It comes with a corset, wings, skirt, mask, and shoes for 99Ls. That's right! 99Ls and it's all included! Please know this creation will no longer be available after January 31, 2015, so don't wait to pick it up! 

Wanting to add a gold hair piece, I went to LeLutka and there I found Christine hair. It was just what I was looking for! Beautiful locks with a hair accessories that is changeable by six different colors for the leafs and headband. Let's not forget about the bracelets, L'Africaine, from Chop Zuey to complete this star struck ensemble. 

Are you now star struck like me?

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Sea Witch? Me? Definitely!

Have you even been shopping and you come across something that makes you go "oooooo" Today was one of those days, case and point below, The Sea Witch from Vengeful Threads. The aqua gown textured in starfish, seaweed, and water droplets. On the shoulders you have beautiful sea weed, coral, and sea horses. It is a lovely fantasy gown that should be added to your wardrobe! To enhance the styling I added Boudoir Water Goddess hair piece and Truth Thelma hair. With such a stunning styling, I had to add vibrant colors to the face! Madrid Solo Cosmetics Dot B eye makeup and Glam Affair Leah lipstick 17 does just that! But let's not forget about the jewelry set to top off this amazing styling, Chop Zuey Tiger Lily. Tiger Lily, is set in orange gems with flexes of yellow green sparkles. It really is a set that would cause anyone to comment on. 

To end this blog post I want to say, Hi my name is Eibhline. I am The Sea Witch from Vengeful Threads. Will you be one too?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Make A Wish From the WishBox

It's not often I get the chance to get off the Regal Estate SIM and do some SL traveling. Luckily, I got sometime this week and I found a delightful role-play store called [WishBox]. There I found this Cage Dress in blue and I was inspired! This is my version of The Jetsons and Hunger Games meet the victorian era. What do you think?

To keep the futuristic feel through-out the ensemble I added the Zibska Ortensia Collar to not only the neckline but upper arms, lower arms, and boot huggers. Zibska does allow editing rights to their items, which I love, I was able to find the perfect color from the flowers on the Cage Dress and I was able to apply it to the Ortensia Collars. If you want the shade coloring I used under the color, not texture, I'd be happy to give it! Please contact me in world for the numbers. The boots are from Neurolab Inc. called Activa 2 in electro white.

Boudoir Baroque Flower Wig suited best when I wanted to top off the look. The wig of beautiful white flowers is modifiable. I was able to change the colors of each flower I wanted. I added the blue colored I used for the Ortensia Collars to match. But I didn't stop there! I went to Redgrave and Glam Affair to buy SilverSnow & Shironuri lashes. Finally the makeup ES Butterfly eyeshadow and Karla lipstick from Silken Moon.

Both pictures taken for this post was in different wind light settings in SL. Neither of these pictures were modified in color. They are raw snap shots which has only been cropped and watermarked. If you want the location of the SIM I took these pictures please find it here: Solandria SIM

Thursday, January 8, 2015

In Summer!

I am starting to have an itch of wanting for summer, so I popped over to Prism Design. Searching the store I went to summer collection. I'm wanting something bright I found Kay Summer Set in summer wind. Well, I wanted summer and not only did the colors give it away but the name did too. Kay Summer Set comes with bright yellow flower pattern high weighs skirt, a wide green belt, a low cut double layered shirt, and match green bracelets. After putting it on, this adorable ensemble made my day brighter and it was because of choice in colors Prism Designs selected. Now I needed the right hair and accessories.... but where to go? I know! LeLutka and Chop Zuey, if you haven't noticed I often favor these stores!

I stopped off at LeLutka first to pick up Helen. Helen comes with a choice of bow, crown, or go without either. Last stop, Chop Zuey, Chartreuse Swizzle Set completes this 'in summer' styling. The Chartreuse Swizzle comes with a necklace, earrings, and ring. Each piece crafted beautifully! 

Now, just for my Frozen fans, as the song goes... The hot and the cold are both so intense, put 'em together, it just make sense! ratdadat dadadadoo! Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle, but put me in summer and I'll be a....HAPPY SNOWMAN!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I'm Feeling Sinister Today!

I could not pass this item up! As soon as I saw it, I had to have it! When I put it on and I felt sinister in a delightful way. What ensemble am I talking about? Dahlia from Vengeful Threads of course! Dahlia comes with a half-jacket collared with feathers and a lace top with plunging neckline. It can make anyone feel sensual. The high waist pants are simply to die for! The fabric is so rich with four sliver buckles enhancing the waist line. I honestly don't want to take them off as soon as I put them on!

Wanting to follow the sinister style I added Bad Reputation a bold platinum hair with [MANDALA] Ero-Sensei necklace set. Let's not forget to add the black leather ankle boots from Bax Coen Design.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Have You Heard?

About Vengeful Threads? If not, let me tell you! Vengeful Threads was created by Vixn Dagger. Not only is her designs amazingly priced, but her creations are made from the passion she has for fashion. She is a designer to admire! One of her many beautiful items I have in my wardrobe is the XPose Xtreme. XPose Xtreme comes with a ruffle skirt, thong, shoulder pieces, strap bracelets, and laced up boots. But here's the catch, well a rather good catch! You can only buy this outfit in an 8 color pack. I know what your thinking, 'Great! A fatback and how much will that cost me?'. Let me answer your thoughts with the price of 499Ls and each color is as vibrate as the next! I had a hard time selecting which color I wanted to use for my blog and with each vibrate color you don't have to worry about finding matching boots since Vixn was thoughtful to supply it!

Before you go pick up this amazing ensemble be sure to have Slink High Barefeet. To be able to wear these sexy laced up boots there needs to be worn with Slink High Barefeet.

The skin worn for this style is the group gift from Silken Moon. To join the Silken Moon group it costs 99Ls, however they have a number of group gifts and deals to make it well worth it! Case in point, this stunning skin! While your there, stop over to the 'Lips' section and pick up Luna Pinks. Luna Pinks packs contains four lip colors for 75Ls. The one worn in this picture is from the Luna Pinks package called magenta. 

To match the makeup and Xpose Xtreme ensemble I found Day The World Went Away hair from Exile. The color from the wild fusion was perfect to follow the theme of fantasy warrior! But why stop there? I rushed over to [MANDALA] to pick up Fantasy Elf Ears changing the accessories to suit the attire tipping the ears in a silver.  

Oh and my sword? It was something I just had laying around. You should never go around SL without one! If you need any help at all in finding the items or want to know in greater detail about the styling don't hesitate to contact me in world. 

Please Note: When you take the tp to Vengeful Threads you will be dropped into House of Rfyre. Follow the red arrow on your screen and you will find where Xpose Xtreme is easily! Your teleports await below!

Vengeful Threads - XPose Xtreme

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year Leisurely Stroll

It's a new year, which means new changes! I promised myself that I would clean out my inventory. I'm sure we all know how much of a pain that can be, but after, it's always nice to go shopping for something new. Why not head over to Regal Boutiques? Gaall has a new release called Sofia and this won't leave your inventory anytime soon. The lovely mid-drift fur coat and hip hugger pants is not only comfortable but stylish. But Sofia doesn't stop there! It comes with these strappy high heel sandals to be worn with High Barefeet from Slink. Cost? 250Ls

My hair selected for this styling is from EMO-tions, called Eles. It's an elegant swept back hair style, with soft curls framing the face. It's a piece I'd suggest for any inventory! Add stunning Don't Call Me Betty set from Chop Zuey & a touch of Elit eye makeup from Glam Affair, and you have a lovely, leasurely ensemble for strolling pleasure.