Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Style Fashionable For Only 650Ls

The temperature may be dropping but here in the far south we are still in the 70F or 21C. Recently released in December, Gaall has created Tartessos. What is Gaall? It's a fabulous store created by Moonshine Allerhand and is now founded at the Regal Bouitques. Her designs always leave you with wanting to shop more. I know when I shop at Gaall I end up looking amazing without feeling guilty about the lindens I spent. Why? Because it's always affordable, let me show you, Tartessos comes with mesh vest, mesh sandals, Lolas's top appliers, mesh & fitted mesh pants. Cost? 250L!

Accessories? Miam Miam Jewelry helped me out with Drop Hoop Earrings, Circle Charm Necklace, and Stripe Resin Bangles. Each 10Ls, but the best part isn't just the price, they are color changeable in 15 colors. Now how about adding some color to those beautiful eyes and lips? Silken Moon is one of the best places you can go, Smoochers lip color in Bloody Mary and Eclipse eyeliner in Basic will really make you shine with loveliness. Total cost? 100Ls

For 250Ls Fleur hair from Truth with gives this styling a chic finish. It comes with modifiable flowers that you can match easily with any styling.

AND ta-da! You have complete fashionable styling from head to toe for 650Ls

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Sweetheart at Sweethearts Jazz Club

Though I am lacking my 'sweetheart' (KokoMapiya), I can still count myself as a sweetheart at Sweethearts Jazz Club. With Prism Designs new release Lisette you will be the talk of the club. The stunning sequences dress with an irritable side slit shows an elegant but daring lady. The white fur boa adds a touch of old fashion class, complimenting this sequence delight.

The jewelry is simply a must have! From Chop Zuey, Betty 2.0 is texture changing set that comes with necklace, 2 bracelets, & earrings. A selection of 6 different metals and 20 glass beads. You have to admit it makes it very easy to mix and match with any outfit!

The Rochelle hair, from LeLutka, keeps my styling at a modern day 1920's flapper. While Bax Coen Design Ankle Boots and Soft Shine Panty Hose in white 10 keeps me warm from the winter weather.

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Peaceful Winter Day...

Winter is still here, but it takes the perfect winter ensemble to make a peaceful winter day. How? The Peace on Earth Hunt gift item 50 from Wow Skins  & the hunt gift item 3 from LivGlam. The skin gifted from Wow Skins doesn't fall short of beautiful. The soft pale tone with brown eyebrow can be easily worn with your favorite blonde of brunet hair. In this styling, I favored the Georgina in Autumn from EMO-tions.

From LivGlam, the flower skirt with matching collar poncho is lovely. The fabric of the poncho shimmers in the winter snow as you leisurely make your walk around the park. The price for such amazing gifts are 0Ls and as I mentioned in pervious posts, the hunt is to benefit Peace on Earth. The Bax Coen Design Prestige Boots and Soft Shine Panty Hose completes this ensemble.

Come mark the occasion of peace and have a peaceful winter day. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Regal's Ice Skating Gala - December 20th 1PM SLT

Greetings Lords & Ladies,

We honorably request your presence at our Regal Gala on December 20, 2014 at 1PM SLT. Should you attend, we shall provide ice skates, music, refreshments, and gifts. Tis the season to be jolly indeed!

With Highest Regards,
Regal Monarchy

Friday, December 5, 2014

Miss Dove of Peace

The Peace on Earth Hunt 7 is well under way. So many amazing gifts and so little time to show them all off! The next selection of gifts I couldn't resist to share is gift number 4 Chop Zuey & gift number 25 TOPAZIA. To mark the occasion TOPAZIA has created this stunning Miss Dove ensemble, this includes: hat, corset, fur skirt, & 3 doves flying around you. Add the breathtaking Gloriana set, necklace, earrings, & bracelet, from Chop Zuey and you have a remarkable ensemble that not only stands for peace but will turn heads.

To finalize the ensemble, I used LeLutka Helen hair & Bax Coen Design Ankle Boots, though not found on the hunt, these items enhance the styling perfectly.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Peace and Quiet....

I don't know about you, but after a long day I want to settle in my most comfortable PJ's and get a cup of hot coco. Today would be one of those days, luckily the POE hunt has this adorable PJ set from Only Yours.  Let's not forget the peace sign necklace from Zuri Jewelry.  Not only does the POE hunt have the PJ's & necklace but this comfortable layout of furniture. Yes, the bunny, painting, bench, globe, and presents included, all designed by Zen Creations. Who says having to feel so comfortable costs a lot? Cause it really doesn't! All items in the picture, other than the Lelutka Bambi hair, can be found on the POE7 Hunt. Including the PosESion pose called Mother 2, used in the picture below. Find these hunt items today and stand for Peace on Earth.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's Raining, it's Pouring....

Where I live in RL doesn't get a lot of snow, but we do get a lot of rain. Walking barefoot in the rain is always fun. I make sure to stop and play in the puddles. Even as an adult, I try to find time to do the things I always loved to do as a child. Playing in the rain was one of them. I'm sure most of us has been caught in the rain a time or two, but there's a difference when you want to be there. In any event, when I was styling the new Ela hair from EMO-tions, it reminded me being caught in the rain. Let's say if I ever want to be caught in the rain, I'd be wearing this Uli dress from Prism Design. The pattern of the dress is unique with a elegant spiral design. The trim of the dress at the neck and sleeves is a lovely glittery red. The designer brings the same glittery red texture back again but in a form of a cute belt tied off in a bow. The Bax Coen Design Ankle Boots and Soft Shine Pantyhose complete this rainy day look.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Peace on Earth Hunt 7

Here it comes again! This year, I am excited to be one of the bloggers for this amazing hunt! What hunt? The Peace on Earth 7th Hunt aka POE, which is a widegrid hunt starting on December 1 until January 6 that represents the fight to make peace on Earth.  The hunt consists of designers who support the theme of the hunt and have graciously created a special gift to mark the occasion. During this hunt, I'll be making posts on the items being given out. For more information & to follow other bloggers involved with the POE7 Hunt please visit the Peace on Earth Website.

Now, on with the styling! One of the things I love about hunts is mixing and matching the items I find. It saves lindens and you help support the company or creator of the hunt. The first mixing & matching styling I wanted to present is the number 17. Nya's Shop,  37. Dellybeam Gem Gallery & 51. Lindy M&R Shoes. Nya's Shop will give you this Sparkling Everywhere dress, which I simply adore! From DellyBeam Gem Gallery the set of Celtic Black Pearl earrings and necklace and finally Lindy M&R shoes gift of the Lindy Bally. Three amazing stores from the hunt to create this Holiday Season dinner party ensemble. Just add your favorite hair and ta-da! You have not only helped support Peace on Earth, but you look good & saved lindens in the process. Please stand by for more mix & match ensembles from the Peace of Earth Hunt!

Please Note: The only item you will find that is not part of the POE7 hunt is the EMO-tions Lana hair, however I will be posting their gift sometime this month!

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Face of Chop Zuey 2015 Results

Did you make it to the finals of The Face of Chop Zuey 2015? In case you didn't hear, the officially winner was the talented Rehana Seljan. I want to give her a shout out and say congratulations! You were fabulous! For the rest of the models who competed it was a fun ride and wonderful to be on the runway with each of you.

Though the contest is over, I wanted to share the rest of my experience to my followers & friends. In the final we were given two stylings to complete. The first was to select two pieces from a list of 16 sets of jewelry and then style using both pieces together. Luckily the one item on the list was the one I thought up a great styling for, yet selection of the 2nd piece I wanted took me a few minutes to figure out. I wrote up my style card script and here is the final result: I love the holidays and in the spirit of the holidays, this take on a Russian Nutcrack ballerina will make you spread the holiday cheer. The dress & hat created from the dazzling Out Damned Spot choker in silver and red. The hat displaying ornaments from the Out Damned Spot earrings, while the bracelets used for the wrists and boot trim in silver & red. The eyebrow jewelry called Splendor Fall makes this simply.... eye catching! Glistening from the ears, trickles down the lovely Splendor Fall earrings in black. As she gracefully turns her holiday dance is complete.

The second styling was to done by The Don Quixote Collection. From this collection 2 items had to be selected to mix & match. I will say this collection was challenging to mix! Each piece in this collection is one of a kind set that stands out in different ways. However, I selected two pieces and created styling and style card: Trimmed branches from the Knight of the Woeful Countenance necklace transformed into a bodice and crown, with bracelets symbolizes her ice crystal abilities. The silver Speak to Me in Love Poems body wrap clings to her waist and boots as this ice fairy makes her prance elegantly about the winter wonderland. For no such beauty in the season of winter can be contained by anyone but Chop Zuey alone.

Overall, The Face of Chop Zuey is one contest I will never forget. I want to say thank you to Belle Roussel  But also Thank you to Frolic Mills & Ponchituti Boucher for an unforgettable contest. Contestants I wish you all the very best in your future and happy holidays.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Regal Scholar Positions Available

With the new year fast approaching, Regal would like to bring new Scholars into our Academy. If you have a good work ethic, enjoy helping others, want to make a different in the fashion world, and wish to grow with a company that will stand with you. Regal is the place you! We are currently looking to hire for the following courses:

201: Regal Contour - This class teaches how to create an unique physical frame, giving the appearance of a professional model.

301: Regal Polish - This class teaches how to properly express your inner style.

501: Regal Photography - This class encompasses the proper techniques of photography.

Please note the positions are for serious inquires only and anyone can apply. We provide equal opportunity to all who want to help the fashion world evolve. If interested, please contact KokoMapiya, Eibhline, Keeley Cooperstone.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Simply Emo-tions!

It's a sick day in RL and instead of curling up under the blankets for rest, I am posting! I suppose even being scolded by Koko makes me want to post all the more. Must come with being stubborn. Though my RL body is feeling sick, my SL avi is looking fierce and it's brought to you by one store. Yes, ONE store, Emo-tions! There you will find the hair, earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, and corset. The Medusa hair does come with this wicked crown, so don't need to hunt for that item. The Empress corset is mesh, be sure to try on a demo ahead of time, and what I love about this corset is the coverage in the front. Normally corsets stop at your waist yet with the Empress corset drops down lower with panties and it's all in one piece. The back of the corset does show a bit of booty but if you don't mind to dare to be bare, your good to go! 

The Cecile jewelry set is simple stunning and can be changed into 5 different colors with 2 metal settings. The pieces of jewelry has an vintage touch to it, which can also be worn with an evening gown or cocktail dress. This attire is amazing by far, but if you want to add a touch of colors for the lips and eyes head over to Silken Moon, which has a wide range of selections.

On a different note, I have come to find a lot of people have asked me if the pictures I take are with a green screen backdrop. They are not. In fact each picture I take is normally on a SIM in SL. Additionally, my picture hardly get touched by PS. For example, this picture before was taken on certain wind-light settings in world, snapped, uploaded, resized and putting a watermark in PS, then posted here. What you see is what SL provides for you, it's just a matter of learning how to take the photo. If your interested in learning more about photography, I teach a Photography class at Regal. Don't hesitate to IM me in world or comment below for more information. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Face of Chop Zuey Finalist

In todays post I'm going to try something a little different by putting the links to each item in the sentence instead of below the picture. This means if you want pick up the items I am wearing find the orange hyperlinks. I'll make sure it easy to find, but so much has happened since the last time I posted, but the exciting news is I became one of the finalist in The Face of Chop Zuey 2015. I can honest say I wasn't so sure about entering. I've been modeling for over 6 years in SL and after a while you just want to step back & helps other models then be one. Well that's how it is with me. In any case, I decided to enter based on being in love with Chop Zuey Jewelry and wanting to help promote Belle's amazing creations. Belle is a dear friend of mine, who I simply adore! She has inspired me in both SL & RL. As her friend, I want to support her in everything she does. The fact that she makes amazing creations is always a plus too! 

To enter the contest a picture must be submitted of yourself wearing Chop Zuey.  The stunning set I've selected is called, Sea Mist. I felt this jewelry set reminds me of another time, and I set off to the SIM of Rome to shoot this picture. The hair used for this shot is from EMO-tions called Stormy Lana, while my gown is from GizzA called Kallisto Dress.

The second challenge was set to be a runway challenge. The styling theme was Jewelry Couture: Truly a jewel of the Amazon. This Chop Zuey Love & Geometry set of a necklace, bracelet and earring will send anyone into battle with pride. The necklace has been transformed into not only a skirt but also a crown. The earrings set placed upon the boots to give it a shine. The upper arms graced with the bracelets as arm bands. This attire sets any warrior's heart ablaze.   

The grand final for The Face of Chop Zuey 2015 will be this weekend on Saturday, November 22, at 10:00am slt. I hope you can all attend!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fight for Breast Cancer Awareness!

It's October and it's not just about Halloween but Breast Cancer Awareness. This month is THE month to make people aware of breast cancer. This topic is rather dear to my heart because I lost my grandmother to it. Though it saddens me, it also gives me the strength to speak passionately about it. Did you know that breast cancer is most common cancer seen in woman other than skin cancer? In fact,  if you live in the US, women have a 1 in 8 chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer can also effect men, though lower at risk, shouldn't be overlooked. Women, on the other hand, account for 29% of new diagnoses of this form of cancer every year. Surprised? I was! Now, what about age? In the most recent study I could find, 88% of breast cancer death occur in women at 50 or older, however this does not mean you shouldn't get yearly checkups and watch for changes in your body. Doctors strongly encourage for women & men to be aware of changes in their bodies. If you would like more information about this topic please visit here: American Cancer Society: Breast Cancer

There could be dark days ahead for some of us women, but losing a battle doesn't mean the war is over.  Make a difference today, become aware and encourage others to do the same. 1 in 8 people you tell could be saving their life.

To honor my grandmother, others who are fighting for their life, those who've died, and those who've survived from breast cancer, I dedicate this picture to you. When in darkness you are the light, the ones who fought on, unwilling to yield, and carry the memories of all those who love you.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Have You Accepted It's Fall Yet?

If not, let me convince you with this fall ensemble. Prism Designs has created this simply adorable Chloe outfit. New release Chloe comes with a hoodie, skirt, leggings, and slink high shoes. It's super cute and super affordable! Price? 379Ls!

There is a hunt going on at Ghee, which makes styling even more affordable. What is Ghee? Ghee is a store designed by Beatrice Serendipity & Warm Clarity Jupiter. These talented ladies offer chic causal to couture fashion to take your wardrobe to the next level. If you haven't been there yet, now is the time! The Autumn Leaves hunt is going on until November 30, 2014. The hunt contains 27 items for 10Ls each. Within this hunt I found the Thermal Set in Oatmeal which I added to Chloe.

Next, I headed over to.... you guess it! EMO-tions! Selecting the wildness of Mimi hair and adding a touch of class with Chop Zuey NightCap earrings, you have your fall ensemble.

Are you ready to accept that it's fall now? You should be! You have the perfect look for it!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Parkison's Research Donations....

In today's post I will not go into detail about what I am wearing but what I bought helps someone. In SL you come across so many different events. One event I want to talk about today is run by the Michael J. Fox Foundation. This foundation has created a SIM mall & certain percentages of the profits go towards Parkinson's Research. Now, I don't expect everyone to know what Parkinson Disease is so let me explain. 

Parkinson disease is a disorder in the brain that causes tremors, difficulty in fine & gross motor skills such as, walking, picking up items, or coordination. When someone has Parkinson Disease it means the nerves cells in the brain, called dopamine, is slowly dying away. Dopamine nerves cells send messages through out the body to make us move. In other words it controls movement, but if the dopamine were to die the condition gets worse. Studies have shown they do not know what causes dopamine to die, but they know over a life spam of someone with Parkinson disease it gets worse. There is no cure for Parkinson's Disease. If you want to read or learn more information on Parkinson's Disease please -Click Here-

This attire below is being offered by Prism's Design, as an exclusive item for this cause. This beautiful dress is called Darcy in Zen. This is one of the many designers at the SIM donating for this cause. Shop there today and make a difference in someone's life.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall For This at 525Ls

Fall has officially started! Leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler, and the designers are bring out their fall collection. At PurpleMoon they recently released there new fall collection starting with Erica jacket & Acire slacks.  I know, I know, what makes this different from other fall collections? I'll tell ya! The Erica jacket has a 'normal' appearance when you look at it from a frontally view, but turn it around you will find a stunning design that people will take a second look.  The Acire slacks, on the other hand, are well textured with a selection of a belt or without. If worn with a belt, you have 5 colors (brown, blue, black, white, and tan) to pick & choose from. 

Now onto the hair! Alex, from Lelutka, gives me that polish look as the copper locks frame the face so elegantly.  What do you think?

Falling for this ensemble yet? No? How about the hair, jacket, & pants for the price of 525Ls? 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

September Graduation Show - 28th September 12PM SLT

 ..::.. ♛   The Regal Advisory  ♛ ..::..

is proud to present

Regals first Graduates of  101 Class for September 2014 

Sponsored by Ghee and Hawkers House 

Please come along on the 28th September 2014 at 12 SLT
to support

Avalon Chrome
Laci Rossini- Washborne
Negly Resident
Nitefall Miles

DJ : Allania Zhora 
Show Co-ordinator : Keeley Cooperstone
Photographer: Kodaijin Starfall

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Butterflies Must Fly Away....

so catch some before they go! Fall is right around the corner, let's end summer with something new,  Prism Design Alouette Dress.  This halter dress is a work of art with it's humming birds, flower branches, and butterflies. Trimmed with a gold belt around the waist matching the string tied about the neck, it's a MUST have for any chic model!

Mela, from Emo-tions, brings a touch of playfulness with a pulled back seven braid pony tail. Add the new release Peep Peep MID Shoes from Silken Moon and the Happiness Catcher's net you are ready to catch those butterflies! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wicca's Wardrobe Exclusive Gift for Regal!

How I adore Wicca Merlin! Wicca, is one of our amazing designers at the Regal Boutiques. She is the designer of Wicca's Wardrobe but not only does she show impeccable taste in designing, but in styling. Case in point below, Wicca has styled and created these Octavia Boots. Fierce aren't they? Stiletto heel, silver accessories, and a whole lot of attitude. Where can you find them? Only on the Regal Estate SIM at the  Wicca's Wardrobe  Boutique. Price? FREE, to members of our Regal Patrons group. Not a member? No problem! It's free to join!

I don't know about you but when I wear these boots I'm singing or think of the song by Nancy Sinatra, "These Boots Were Made for Walkin"

Friday, August 29, 2014

Don't Look Now, Labor Day Weekend!

It's finally here! The last chance to pull out those white shoes, pants, and shorts. Make a statement this Labor Day weekend with Prism Design, Tara. The white shorts trimmed in pink draws the attention to the hips, then upward to the same pink style mid-drift shirt. The cost? 349Ls You have to admit it's super cute and others will want to know where you got it from!

The Chop Zuey accessories, Mercy necklace & bracelet, enhances this cute Labor Day ensemble then add the Charlene hair and you have your complete Labor Day outfit.

Now let's go over your Labor Day check list:
* Read the blog post 'Don't look now, Labor Day Weekend!'? Check!
* Found a Labor Day outfit at an affordable price? Check!
* Clicked on the links below to travel to the store? Check!
* Bought the Labor Day outfit? [your answer here]

Thursday, August 28, 2014

What is Regal?

Here comes the 'What is Regal?' post! 

Founded by Eibhline & KokoMapiya, Regal Boutiques & Regal Academy is an integral part of Regal Estates

Regal wanted to take new players in SL and show them they can be a model. We also wanted to have a robust enough curriculum so that even the most seasoned models could become part of the Elite, almost like Royalty! In addition, Regal allows those without experience to learn and form a strong modeling foundation. To be able to succeeded as a model, like an structure, a solid foundation is needed.  

Here at Regal, we give people a chance to experience the modeling world. This will help them realize if they have a passion for modeling. Regal makes this a reality, at a reasonable price.  
The Regal Boutiques was created to not only help the models at the academy learn about fashion, but also to accent up-and-coming designers. The Regal Boutiques has a mix of well known elite designers as well as newer designers that are at the cusp of redefining the fashion industry as we know it.

At the Regal Boutiques we strive to provide our customers and pupils the royal treatment by offering refined and high quality products. From head to toe, Patrons of the Regal Boutiques can pamper themselves like royalty. 

For further information please contact the following individuals for each Regal Branch or visit our pages, thank you:

Keeley Cooperstone - Academy Manager 

Eibhline - Agency Advisory 

Linda Reddevil - Scribe Advisor

Allania Zhora - Boutiques Advisory

Anneboleynofengland - Marketing Advisor

 Regal Estate SIM                    ♛ Regal Academy                    ♛ Regal Website                    ♛ Flickr                    ♛ FaceBook

Resemble What You Truly Want To Be... Regal.

With Highest Regards,
♛ Regal Advisory 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lavish Yourself in Pink...

I'm not really a fan of the color pink, I rather purple, but there is always an exception to the rule. How so? Well... PurpleMoon has done it again with a stunning gown called Emma. It has a bundle of flowers to the shoulder and the hip. Attached to each bundle of flowers, you have sheer material flowing gracefully as you walk. The Emma gown can additionally have a train or you can keep it form fitted. It really is a must have! But how much will this breath taking gown cost? How about free? Yep FREE! Surprised? You shouldn't be! PurpleMoon knows the proper way of taking care of their group members. In fact, this gown is a PurpleMoon group gift. Just make sure you have your PurpleMoon VIP tag on. Please also know, it will be available for a limited time, once the next gift is placed up, it is gone. 

To compliment this Emma gown I added Chop Zuey's Symphony of Pauses earrings & bracelet set. This set has just enough sparkle that it's not too bright, but gets a second look! In fact, it was recently updated in the main show room at Chop Zuey. The gems are now brighter and the silver is polished to a sublime shine. 

Finally, Thelma hair from Truth was the last item I picked up to complete my styling. Thelma, comes with or without a bow, additionally the ability to change the color of the bow. Now that I think about it, I believe I have not talked about the store Truth as of yet, so let me give you some back information. Truth was roughly created sometime 2008 and was founded by Truth Hawks. As fashion has evolved over the years so has his designs, which I personally think is the hardest thing to do, especially with mesh! Though I've encountered Truth Hawks a hand full of times, I have always found him to be polite, helpful, and professional.  

 Simple as one, two, three, you have just lavished yourself in pink.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Not Too Late For That Summer Evening Ensemble!

Summer is coming close to the end, but there's still time to enjoy the final summer breezes. At Instruments, PurpleMoon as placed out Breezy top, which comes in 10 different designs, while the Chica Trousers, founded at PurpleMoon's main store come in 8. Both items are a must have! Why? Well... each Breezy top has a different design that will be hard to select just one from. The Chica trousers, on the other hand has these cute colored buttons at the top of the pants. Both items can be paired together easily.

Next, sweep your Francine hair back by a flower clip compliments from Lelutka. Then add The America Set of earrings, necklace, bracelets, and ring by Chop Zuey.

And just like that you have a summer evening ensemble!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sporting on the Beach...

in style is a must! Prism Design has your number. The Celine Bikini Sports set will make you look chic & ready for some beach fun. This comes with shorts, shirt, and swim suit bikini. Price? 350Ls

On a hot day at the beach your hair needs to be pulled back. Emo-tions offers Love War to help in that department. Add the Emo flats from HOC, I simply adore! 21 colors for 150Ls.

And there you have it! A simple but chic sporty look for the beach! Whatcha waiting for? Shop!

On a side note, I've had people approach me asking where I take my pictures at. Ask and you shall receive! Where I took this picture is below the hyperlinks of where to get each item.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What is the Hair Fair...

In today's post I wanted to talk about the Hair Fair. The hair selected for this styling is from the Fair Hair. What is the Hair Fair? The Hair Fair is an event that takes place every year to help support the "Wigs for Kids" charity. If you would like more information about "Wigs for Kids" charity please go here: http://www.wigsforkids.org

On a side note, if you haven't been to the Hair Fair, it's a great place to spend lindens and feel good doing it! At least that's what I like to tell myself and my partner while emptying out his avi's bank account.

The Hair Fair 2014 started on July 12 and will end on the 27th.  Depending on the designer, a percentage goes toward "Wigs for Kids" Charity. In this case, the designer of EMO-tions has set the donation of 50% to each sale made. EMO-tions can be found on the RedHead SIM and they offer 5 different hair styles. The one worn in the pictures is called Dream World. This hair comes with hornsbut I chose not to use them.

Now, a few posts back I talked about Silken Moon and how it is an awesome place for fantasy skins,. Not only that, but their skins can also be for everyday use. A perfect example of this is this styling! The skin I am wearing is from Silken Moon called Luna skin. Adding the Silken Moon eyeshadow Autumn and lipstick Simone. I complete the matching makeup to the new Felicity dress by PurpleMoon.

At the Gypset Market, the new Felicity dress by PurpleMoon can be found and I absolutely adore it! The fatpack of this dress consists of 21 textures at the cost of 600Ls, however they sell sets of 3 for 125Ls, which is at an amazing price! The black leggings, Sora Tights, is also from PurpleMoon.

Finally, adding Bax Coen Design ankle boots in black leather, which you can never go wrong with while wearing leggings! Then TA DA! Another amazing outfit!

I hope you enjoyed this styling and information on the Hair Fair. Please feel free to pass this post on! Stay Amazing and happy shopping!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Steampunk the Silken Moon Way!

In my last post I talked about the event called Fashion for Life. The Time Traveller Outfit in brown was one of the exclusive designs made by PurpleMoon for this event.  Sadly, this item is no longer available and I'm not sure if it will come out again. I did check with PurpleMoon's management, who's checking with Poulet. As soon as I get an answer so will you! Until then I want to go into what else I used for this styling.

To have an awesome steam punk styling you need the right skin. Silken Moon Silke did the trick with Silken Moon's make up lip Smoochers and eyeshadow Elements. When you buy Silke skin, you will receive the skin and appliers for Slink hands and feet. Cost? Only 250Ls! The lips Smoochers comes in a pack of 5 colors with an open lip option.  While the Elements eyeshadow comes in a color pallet of 6.  The Smoochers lipstick set cost 100Ls and the Elements eyeshadows is 75Ls. Total cost spent at Silken Moon for this awesome steam punk skin & makeup.... 450Ls!

Next I wanted to add a touch of messy hair, Exile Collide in a frost white suited nicely! What I love about using Exile hair is it being modifiable. I was able to move pieces of the mesh hair to fit under the top hat. I love it when it all works out like that! Don't you? Next accessories!

When accessorizing for a steam punk look you need to think 'futuristic' or at least that's what I do.  I thought eyepatch Monocle would fit for that theme in mind and for 60Ls it's a good buy. The eyepatch Monocle has a little machine on the eye glass tinted in gold, which I think is very cool. I then added the Wrought Iron Whimsybrella created from Weather! Or Not. This Wrought Iron Whimsybrella came with a color HUD of 12 colors. Please know the iron is not what changes colors, but within the iron there is a gem that lights up. The Wrought Iron Whimsybrella also comes with an animation pose that has you hold the umbrella. 

AND there you have it! Steam Punk the Silken Moon way!

Please Note: Again, I'll keep you updated if the Time Traveller Outfit comes out again at PurpleMoon. The Time Traveller Outfit comes with hat, shoes, jacket, and skirt.

The links below will take you straight to the items that I am wearing in the pictures.

Silken Moon - Silke: Light Warm

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What is Fashion for Life...

Fashion for Life, was created to help The American Cancer Society. It's an event where many different designers through out SL come together to make a difference. Designers will set up there products for sale and then a certain percentage of the sells will go toward the American Cancer Society. Depending on the designer it can be 25% to 100%.

One dress I came across was by Prism Design called Monica. Monica was created for this event and can only be bought there. The cost? 299Ls AND 100% of this linden goes to The American Cancer Society.  Super cute no? 

Wanting to build on the cuteness I added Chop Zuey Creme'Poof necklace, earrings, and bracelet. It's a cupcake necklace and stunning gems for the earrings & bracelet. 

Pulling back my hair, except for a few wisps I used Exile London Rain and for my feet, RedGrave Donna heels. 

The Fashion for Life ends on June 20th! Walk towards making a difference! Visit today!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

500Ls or Less Lola in Summer...

Summer time is getting closer and closer. Already down here in the south we are at 90 degree F or 32 degree C. It's about time to pull out those summer clothes! Where to shop? Better yet where can you get good quality clothes at a reasonable price? Answer, IceWater. While I was shopping their I found Lola. Lola is an adorable outfit that comes with a mid-drift long sleeve shirt and shorts. You can change the shorts and shirt to 5 different colors. Always fun to mix and match! The cost? $149Ls. Now to add acessories!

Since braids are in this summer, I added the new release hair from Lelutka called Anna in IrishRed. Finally I added some daisy and.....

 TA DA!!!!  You have an full outfit at $479Ls. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Row, Row, Row, your Boat...

don't go very far. Okay, so rowing may not be my “thing”, but at least I'll be looking cute doing it! I owe that to Prism Design, who recently released Leah, and just in time for summer! Leah comes with a shirt, panties, skirt, and belt AND as I said, it's cute, cute, CUTE!

While trying to find the right accessories, I went and did a searching on marketplace. I was looking for something more specific then what I normally wear. Luckily, I found a necklace and bangles that complement the causal chic ensemble Leah. The necklace and bangles are 10Ls each AND you can change them to 15 different colors. Yes, I did say 10Ls.

Because of the recent hot weather already creeping up, the final accessory I added to my ensemble was a sunhat. Sadly, the only way to get this sunhat is to buy the GoGo hair from LeLutka. But GoGo is a great buy too! There is a very good chance you'll wear that hair and use the hat for more than one outfit or styling.

Here's something you may not know about these pictures, the 'wind blowing in my hair' is not a Photoshop trick! In fact, it's one of the newer release from EMO-tions called Windblown 7. I've already had a number of people asking me about this hair so when you wear it know you'll turn heads.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Moxie of Avant Garde

The thing with blogging is you really don't know when you'll be inspired next. Today, I was inspired when I saw the new PurpleMoon release on the Moxie. I honestly went a little crazy and bought the fatpack for Moxie but for a single color it's $250Ls. It comes with a dress and striped tights.

In the pictures below you can see I liked the blue one best! I really wanted to have some fun with this styling because after all, shouldn't styling be fun? I popped over to Silken Moon, knowing it's one of the best places to get an Avant Garde skin tone that will suit and wouldn't you know, I found what I was looking for, Signature in moonglow. Wanting to make my lips and eyes pop I added Silken Moon's Eclipse butterfly eyeshadow and Luna Blues demin for my lips.

Next I went to EMO-tions and grabbed one of their recent releases Antoinette. Now,  if you follow my blog you'll know I love history and historical fashion. So this hair style was a MUST have for me. Antoinette was recreation of a popular hair fashion trend in the late 1700s.  To follow tradition of the 1700s, I kept my hair color snow. Wanting to dress up my hair, I went to Bliss Couture and found Orliang Hat in noir and ocean. The price for each hat is $89Ls, can't beat that price, and they are modifiable.

Now here's a store I have yet to talk about [sYs]. [sYs] is an amazing store that specializes in urban chic cyber fashion for men & women. If I ever want to take my styling to an 'out of this world' look, I go here. In this styling, [sYs] was a must go to! There I bought the jewelry set called Maya. Maya costed me $380Ls BUT the set be can be changed into 28 different colors. At that price, yeah I wasn't going to pass up! Also [sYs] has high quality in all their merchandise so I never need to worry if the texture or parts of the item I buy are poorly made. I highly recommend this place people!

Finally, I needed some boots that were made for walking. Did that make you smile? Yes corny, but funny! Moving on, I went to Bax Coen Designs and picked up Regency in black leather.  Now as far as the boots go select the length you like. This ensemble will look good with knee highs and ankle boots too. It depends how much of the tights you want to show. Personally, I felt like thigh highs for today but may change it to another pair tomorrow. The way I see it, just pick someone that makes you go 'yyyyoooouchhhh' if you get my meaning.

And there you have it, a the Moxie of Avant Garde! If you have any questions or need help don't hesitate to contact me.

The links below will take you straight to the items that I am wearing in the pictures. Happy shopping!

Friday, May 2, 2014

PM Drew me in and...

Finally the computer has arrived! Sorry about the delay in posts, but on Earth Day our main computer died. I was unable to take pictures. One of my favorite past times. Anyway... we, K & I, in case your wondering who 'we' are, have a new computer. Yay and stuff!
Now, being that it's the month of May, my favorite month, I had to start off my first post on PurpleMoon. Besides, this Drew gown is a MUST have before it's gone. (Yes, the Drew gown will be gone once replaced with another.)
The Drew gown is simply stunning. A silk gown of copper, trimmed with a romantic gold design of a bird, flowers, branches, and leaves. The gown has plunging neckline yet has a modest empire waist lined with black ribbon matching the hem of the lower part of the skirt. The Drew gown also come with elegant black gloves to match. The gloves can be worn with or without Slink hands. But.... do you wanna know the price?
F-R-E-E! Yep Free! 
The Drew gown is a group gift for all PurpleMoon group members. If your not a PurpleMoon member the cost to join is 50Ls and a group space. 
Also beside the Drew Gown you'll find the Fall Romance Set from Lazuri, which perfectly matches this gown! Add the Exile Waiting for Tonight hair and you'll have an enchanting ensemble that will have people asking: Where did you get that from?
AND.... how do I know that? I've had a few people ask me already and now they will ask you. 
Happy shopping!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Groovy 60s Chic Meets Modern Chic!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! I know I sure did. It's been crazy during the holiday, but I managed to sneak some time in to show off my newest mix and match fashion trends. Has anyone tired on the Sandra dress from Prism Design? I did and I felt groovy! Even the theme song for Austin Powers started to play in my head. I wanted to grab my gogo boots and go, go! I guess when you try it on, you'll understand what I mean. The Sandra dress cost 350Ls and it comes with stockings of green or white, which is nice to mix it up.

Wanting to add a bit of modern chic, I next grabbed the Vanya Set from EMO-tions. I love this set! Though, my opinion could be bias because I love butterflies BUT the price doesn't lie. Earrings, necklace, arm-band, and bracelet for  299Ls. They also give you a set of choice: gold or silver. I wanted the use the gold for this particular ensemble because the sunglasses from GizzA Creations matched perfectly. The sunglass from GizzA Creations has gold rims with tinted green lenses. These sunglasses can only be found in the Hannah ensemble.

Next, I added Lana hair from Lelutka (280Ls) and then finally the Luna Red Alert 3 lip tone, from Silken Moon. I wanted to give my lips a real punch! The cost of this lip shade color? 75Ls! NOT for one BUT For 4 lip colors! It's an amazing buy don't you think?

Now it's time for me to groove on out of here! Happy shopping and late Easter!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Dress for the Spring Flowers!

I love Spring but I especially love the Spiring Collections! Prism Design has recently released their Spring Rebecca dress. Rebecca comes in 6 plaided colors, the one worn in the pictures is purple plaid, and it comes with a woven wicker handbag. The woven wicker handbag can be worn with 2 poses: bent arm (in the picture) or straight arm. It can also be a handbag with no pose.

But what's the cost of the Rebecca dress? Try 350Ls. Super cute and super affordable!

BUT with every super cute dress you need to add the right hair style. EMO-tions has got you covered with their Nami hair in GoldenBrown. Cost? 245Ls.

Total cost of the ensemble? 595Ls. I know! I know! Not my traditional 500Ls and under but still a good buy! What do you think?

(This picture will not load correctly once posted. Better quality can be found on my flickr Up Klos Photography )