Friday, August 29, 2014

Don't Look Now, Labor Day Weekend!

It's finally here! The last chance to pull out those white shoes, pants, and shorts. Make a statement this Labor Day weekend with Prism Design, Tara. The white shorts trimmed in pink draws the attention to the hips, then upward to the same pink style mid-drift shirt. The cost? 349Ls You have to admit it's super cute and others will want to know where you got it from!

The Chop Zuey accessories, Mercy necklace & bracelet, enhances this cute Labor Day ensemble then add the Charlene hair and you have your complete Labor Day outfit.

Now let's go over your Labor Day check list:
* Read the blog post 'Don't look now, Labor Day Weekend!'? Check!
* Found a Labor Day outfit at an affordable price? Check!
* Clicked on the links below to travel to the store? Check!
* Bought the Labor Day outfit? [your answer here]

Thursday, August 28, 2014

What is Regal?

Here comes the 'What is Regal?' post! 

Founded by Eibhline & KokoMapiya, Regal Boutiques & Regal Academy is an integral part of Regal Estates

Regal wanted to take new players in SL and show them they can be a model. We also wanted to have a robust enough curriculum so that even the most seasoned models could become part of the Elite, almost like Royalty! In addition, Regal allows those without experience to learn and form a strong modeling foundation. To be able to succeeded as a model, like an structure, a solid foundation is needed.  

Here at Regal, we give people a chance to experience the modeling world. This will help them realize if they have a passion for modeling. Regal makes this a reality, at a reasonable price.  
The Regal Boutiques was created to not only help the models at the academy learn about fashion, but also to accent up-and-coming designers. The Regal Boutiques has a mix of well known elite designers as well as newer designers that are at the cusp of redefining the fashion industry as we know it.

At the Regal Boutiques we strive to provide our customers and pupils the royal treatment by offering refined and high quality products. From head to toe, Patrons of the Regal Boutiques can pamper themselves like royalty. 

For further information please contact the following individuals for each Regal Branch or visit our pages, thank you:

Keeley Cooperstone - Academy Manager 

Eibhline - Agency Advisory 

Linda Reddevil - Scribe Advisor

Allania Zhora - Boutiques Advisory

Anneboleynofengland - Marketing Advisor

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Resemble What You Truly Want To Be... Regal.

With Highest Regards,
♛ Regal Advisory 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lavish Yourself in Pink...

I'm not really a fan of the color pink, I rather purple, but there is always an exception to the rule. How so? Well... PurpleMoon has done it again with a stunning gown called Emma. It has a bundle of flowers to the shoulder and the hip. Attached to each bundle of flowers, you have sheer material flowing gracefully as you walk. The Emma gown can additionally have a train or you can keep it form fitted. It really is a must have! But how much will this breath taking gown cost? How about free? Yep FREE! Surprised? You shouldn't be! PurpleMoon knows the proper way of taking care of their group members. In fact, this gown is a PurpleMoon group gift. Just make sure you have your PurpleMoon VIP tag on. Please also know, it will be available for a limited time, once the next gift is placed up, it is gone. 

To compliment this Emma gown I added Chop Zuey's Symphony of Pauses earrings & bracelet set. This set has just enough sparkle that it's not too bright, but gets a second look! In fact, it was recently updated in the main show room at Chop Zuey. The gems are now brighter and the silver is polished to a sublime shine. 

Finally, Thelma hair from Truth was the last item I picked up to complete my styling. Thelma, comes with or without a bow, additionally the ability to change the color of the bow. Now that I think about it, I believe I have not talked about the store Truth as of yet, so let me give you some back information. Truth was roughly created sometime 2008 and was founded by Truth Hawks. As fashion has evolved over the years so has his designs, which I personally think is the hardest thing to do, especially with mesh! Though I've encountered Truth Hawks a hand full of times, I have always found him to be polite, helpful, and professional.  

 Simple as one, two, three, you have just lavished yourself in pink.