Tuesday, December 1, 2015

500Ls or Less Jungle Tigress

I've often heard life can be like a jungle. But what does that really mean? It's means life is full of surprises and can become wild at anytime. So why not prepare my amazing reader? In today's post I'm going to show you how to earn your tiger stripes and be called a jungle tigress.

In the jungle, proper attire is always needed. Luckily, Les Encantades has recently released Lanneth. It will include a part chain mail top that turns into a brown leather material to your hips. This top is laced on the slides and back with grey string but gold buttonholes. The top has five brown leather straps that go across the upper chest down to the waist line, the straps are buckled in place with a gold circle clamps. The sleeves a soft fabric but held up by a beautiful hand crafted leather armband with details. The straps on these arm bands buckle as well with a gold buckle. The panties to this attire is made with a mix of cloth and leather. The leather on the panties have embellishment of the same hand carved details on the arm bands. The booths a brown leather as well but has two gold chains dangling across the  ankle. Finally we have two vines creeping up the legs to help with camouflage. 

Next we need hair, EMO-tions has recently released Sabienne. Sabienne, is swept back into a loose tucked up bun. Locks fall free from the bun and across the face as a leather band with gold circle help hold it in place. After all running in the jungle our hair is never in a perfect bun because the jungle is unpredictable. 

Our Jungle Tigress styling is complete. You are now ready to earn your stripes!

In today's blog post I'd like to welcome back the talented Avalon Chrome and her creative photography skills. The pictures above were taken by her! She recently took my pictures for another post called The Fairy of Wasteland, which were stunning. To reiterate, Avalon is a graduate from Visionaire Institute and her own blog has been nominated for Avi's Choice Award Favorite Fashion Blogger 2014. She's won the best photo contest and landed the cover of NuVibez Magazine. For her rates please contact her in SL under: Avalon Chrome. Thank you Avalon!

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