Monday, December 1, 2014

Peace on Earth Hunt 7

Here it comes again! This year, I am excited to be one of the bloggers for this amazing hunt! What hunt? The Peace on Earth 7th Hunt aka POE, which is a widegrid hunt starting on December 1 until January 6 that represents the fight to make peace on Earth.  The hunt consists of designers who support the theme of the hunt and have graciously created a special gift to mark the occasion. During this hunt, I'll be making posts on the items being given out. For more information & to follow other bloggers involved with the POE7 Hunt please visit the Peace on Earth Website.

Now, on with the styling! One of the things I love about hunts is mixing and matching the items I find. It saves lindens and you help support the company or creator of the hunt. The first mixing & matching styling I wanted to present is the number 17. Nya's Shop,  37. Dellybeam Gem Gallery & 51. Lindy M&R Shoes. Nya's Shop will give you this Sparkling Everywhere dress, which I simply adore! From DellyBeam Gem Gallery the set of Celtic Black Pearl earrings and necklace and finally Lindy M&R shoes gift of the Lindy Bally. Three amazing stores from the hunt to create this Holiday Season dinner party ensemble. Just add your favorite hair and ta-da! You have not only helped support Peace on Earth, but you look good & saved lindens in the process. Please stand by for more mix & match ensembles from the Peace of Earth Hunt!

Please Note: The only item you will find that is not part of the POE7 hunt is the EMO-tions Lana hair, however I will be posting their gift sometime this month!


  1. lovely! a great combination Ebhline

    1. Thank you Memfairy! I can't wait to mix & match the next set :-)