Monday, July 13, 2015

Where Are My Victorian Gothic Fans?

I don't know about you, but I've always enjoyed the Victorian Gothic stylings, but I never did a post on it before! Thus, I have decided to create one today and here we go! In the last blog post you saw I created a styling with the eighteenth-century in mind. The gown for that blog post was found at Vengeful Threads, and this one can also be found there called Black Baccara. In fact, both gowns are side by side in the store, however both are completely different types of stylings.

The Black Baccara comes with mesh corset that laces up the front and back. The back of the corset is laced in black string while the front with a black ribbon. The pattern of the corset is in 6-point stars, it's simply lovely! The center of the corset is a crimson royal vintage print that is stunning. The lower part of the gown is trimmed with black & red roses, and then fans out with another 6 star pattern. The back of the Black Baccara gown is has a bustle that only enhances this gown all the more. The Black Baccara also comes with high lace shirt and jacket that has frilly sleeves. BUT that's not all! It additionally includes a choker made from black pearls and a large ruby gem that balance between the pearls. The Black Baccara is nothing short but stunning!

Wanting to find the correct hair for this styling I headed over to EMO-tions where I picked up Lucia. Lucia is a lovely up-do that has a tight row of braids curling into a bun. Some curly locks dangle at ears creating a very elegant look. Not surprising Emo-tions had what I needed! Now onto accessories...

The accessories to this styling was too much fun to piece together. I first traveled over to Zibska to pick up this crown accessory called Zephyrine. Though Zephyrine comes with a necklace, I wanted to keep the choker from the Black Baccara gown. But I wanted to incorporate the ruby from the choker somewhere. Using a lot of editing I was able to create earrings from the ruby choker and add the ruby again at the top of the Zephyrine crown. If that wasn't enough, I used the roses from the gown and attached it to the Zephyrine crown as well. Please note unlike most styling’s I blog, the hairpiece in this styling is more complex. To edit the headpiece it might take more of an advance user with editing abilities.

Last but not least, let's talk about the makeup! I can honestly say I was having a hard time selecting which I wanted to use from the store Madrid Solo Cosmetics. I settled on using two different sets! For my eyes I used Spotted Owl, where as the lips Ravens Flight.

AND... da-ta! You have my victorian gothic styling. If you have any trouble finding these items or have questions on how I did something please don't hesitate to IM me in world: Eibhline Resident

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