Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Moxie of Avant Garde

The thing with blogging is you really don't know when you'll be inspired next. Today, I was inspired when I saw the new PurpleMoon release on the Moxie. I honestly went a little crazy and bought the fatpack for Moxie but for a single color it's $250Ls. It comes with a dress and striped tights.

In the pictures below you can see I liked the blue one best! I really wanted to have some fun with this styling because after all, shouldn't styling be fun? I popped over to Silken Moon, knowing it's one of the best places to get an Avant Garde skin tone that will suit and wouldn't you know, I found what I was looking for, Signature in moonglow. Wanting to make my lips and eyes pop I added Silken Moon's Eclipse butterfly eyeshadow and Luna Blues demin for my lips.

Next I went to EMO-tions and grabbed one of their recent releases Antoinette. Now,  if you follow my blog you'll know I love history and historical fashion. So this hair style was a MUST have for me. Antoinette was recreation of a popular hair fashion trend in the late 1700s.  To follow tradition of the 1700s, I kept my hair color snow. Wanting to dress up my hair, I went to Bliss Couture and found Orliang Hat in noir and ocean. The price for each hat is $89Ls, can't beat that price, and they are modifiable.

Now here's a store I have yet to talk about [sYs]. [sYs] is an amazing store that specializes in urban chic cyber fashion for men & women. If I ever want to take my styling to an 'out of this world' look, I go here. In this styling, [sYs] was a must go to! There I bought the jewelry set called Maya. Maya costed me $380Ls BUT the set be can be changed into 28 different colors. At that price, yeah I wasn't going to pass up! Also [sYs] has high quality in all their merchandise so I never need to worry if the texture or parts of the item I buy are poorly made. I highly recommend this place people!

Finally, I needed some boots that were made for walking. Did that make you smile? Yes corny, but funny! Moving on, I went to Bax Coen Designs and picked up Regency in black leather.  Now as far as the boots go select the length you like. This ensemble will look good with knee highs and ankle boots too. It depends how much of the tights you want to show. Personally, I felt like thigh highs for today but may change it to another pair tomorrow. The way I see it, just pick someone that makes you go 'yyyyoooouchhhh' if you get my meaning.

And there you have it, a the Moxie of Avant Garde! If you have any questions or need help don't hesitate to contact me.

The links below will take you straight to the items that I am wearing in the pictures. Happy shopping!

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