Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wild Thing! You Make My Heart Sing!

From Gaall, this Wild Style made me think of the Wild Thing song! With skin tight black leather pants, mid-drift animal print jacket in zebra, and stripy high heel to match the jacket it would make anyone want to wear it out. Don't have you sold yet? How about the cost is 250Ls and yes shoes are included. But let's not stop there...

Wanting to keep to the zebra theme I popped over to Chop Zuey to pick up Power Illusion in... you guessed it zebra. Wanting to add a touch of naughtiness, I placed the Tattoo Red Rose, from Irish Touch of Magic, across the left breast. Then thankfully, Truth had a crop cut of light blonde Lunara hair to pull it all together.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Wicca's Wardrobe New Exclusive Gift!

I can't keep this exclusive gift a secret! I really can't! Wicca, this was worth the wait! It's a must have and it's just in time for Valentines Day too. What am I talking about? Let me tell you! Wicca's Wardrobe has released an exclusive gift at the Regal Boutiques called Valentina Dress in rose.  Add Lemon hair from Magika & a Georgina Hat from Zibska, and you have a styling fit for royalty. To get this amazing exclusive Valentina Dress gift join the Regal Patrons group and it could be yours. No cost to join the group just click the hyperlink below for Wicca's Wardrobe and away you go! oh, and full styling cost? 450Ls...happy shopping!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Meet You in Room 69...

What? You haven't been to Room 69? Room 69 has a collections of designers who place stunning items out each month, and each month it changes! In the spirt of Valentines Day coming up, Wicca's Wardrobe has created Anastacia Dress, Lunatica Headpiece and Silly Heels found only at Room 69.  Once you put it on, you don't want to take it off! Fair warning!

Wanting to enhance Wicca's amazing creations I popped over to Silken Moon and picked up their newest skin release T Pecan. T Pecan, includes tattoos for slink hands & feet and the cost? Try 300Ls! A steal for this stunning skin. But what about the accessories used for this styling?

The bracelets worn are from Chop Zuey called Bonzai! while the EMO-tion necklace is Key to My Heart now found at the With Love Fair. Oh! I didn't tell you? The With Love Fair is officially open! EMO-tions Key to My Heart necklace and many other designers have placed out amazing designs in the spirt of Valentines Day coming up. To find more information about the With Love Fair please visit We Do SL Events.

And thus the styling is complete!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Proper Noble Lady

This gown is enchanting and a wonderful design for any role-player. Made of mesh, the gown has been created with a full skirt and puff sleeves. The collar for this gown is set in lovely jews, which is copyable. Due to this I was able to use the same collar to create a hair piece. The Regina gown comes in 6 different colors and can only be found at We Love Role-Play SIM. Because its so popular, you might experience some lag there, so let me provide you with a direct link to land in front of the item: Regina Gown Direct Landing. To be kept up to date on what is being sold on the We Love Role-Play SIM please visit their website: https://weloveroleplay.wordpress.com.

I'm sure your wondering where I got the hair I am wearing. I will tell! It's an combination of EMO-tions Nefertiti and Eles hair. How? First make a copy of Nefertiti hair and then wear the Eles hair. Next wear the Nefertiti hair and then wear another the copy of the Nefertiti. At this point you are wearing three different hairs. Leave Eles hair where it is at, but for both of the Nefertiti hair move it up closer to the front of the head. Next use your 'edit' menu in your pie chart, you can find this when you click on your avi. In the box that pulls up, you will see 'rotation' use it to shift the first Nefertiti hair to a slight left, then take the copy of Nefertiti and 'rotation' it to the right. There you have it! The same hair from the picture below. Should you need assistants in this please contact me in world.

Wanting to add a touch of accessories for my ears the Bijouxor Design from Alienbear are lovely. They are simple but elegant earrings. When you do buy this item it comes with a necklace and earrings. I know what your thinking, great this might cost a lot since it comes with a necklace. Nope! Try 85Ls for the Bijouxor Design and Ta da! You have your full styling for a proper Noble Lady

My readers, If you need any help with copying the same look I've created please don't hesitate to contact me in world. I'd be happy to help!

Monday, February 2, 2015

I Am Ravenous!

As I was shopping at Vengeful Threads, I came across Ravenous, and thus I became it! Ravenous comes with belt, boots, armor, arm bands, bracelets, scarf, pants, jacket, and shirt. After I placed Ravenous on, I was suddenly on a mission. I must complete this ensemble! I made my way over to Truth, there I found Olinda hair. Deciding on the hair color took a bit of time, red hair didn't suit, nor did blonde, not black or even brown. I turned to the color pack and there I found blue. Yes! It suited so well, but I had to find the proper makeup...Silken Moon. Traveling there I picked up the Luna Lips pack and used the color november rain. AND... thus my mission had finished!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

500Ls or Less in Fusion of Fashion...

Exciting news! I found three outfits and three boots to match in one outfit. I know... what's the big deal right? How about it was in a pack that costs 250Ls? That's right! 250Ls! Gaall has done it again with her amazing designer including this Fusion Outfit, now at the Regal Boutiques. Once bought, you will get one pair of boots, half shirt, and booty shorts in xxs, xs, s, m, l. You will also get a HUD that shows each three the full outfits. One click and it's changed! In the picture, I am wearing pinup girl print jean half shirt and jean booty shorts. Other prints offered in this pack is snake skin print half shirt with khaki booty shorts and leather half shirt & booty shorts. Of course don't forget the knee high boots that match perfectly for each outfit included. But that's not all! This pack of outfits is Lola friendly. 

I wanted to keep this styling simple as if it was a pinup girl meets a modern day girl, thus I added Tulip hair from Truth. This hair style gives it a sweet twist giving it a 1940s feel to it. 

Oh I forgot, this complete styling is... 500Ls. Whatcha waiting for! Ready? Set? Shop!