Monday, September 28, 2015

Downton Abbey

As you might have guessed, I'm a very big fan of historical shows. I've done a number of posts discussing certain movies or shows I'm watching that suddenly inspires me to style. It has happened again today! The show? Downton Abbey

Wanting to bring in the 1920 feel to my styling, I recalled the designer Cerridwen Lynagh releasing Arwen's Mithril not too long ago. But who is Cerridwen Lynagh? Have you heard of this designer before? If not, she's the owner and created of Cerri's Booty. Cerri's Booty is a store I happened to find on one of my adventures in SL. Cerridwen's does amazing glitter attires and whenever I wear one I'm asked, 'where did you get that from?,' it never fails! So why not use it for this styling and show my fellow readers? Why not indeed!

Arwen's Mithril has a number of colors you can choose from. In my styling I favored the blue topaz under dress with the platinum glitter cover. Arwen's Mithril comes with an under dress, dress cover, and a classy pair of strappyheels. Price? Try 399Ls Once again another amazing designer who gives you beautiful things for an affordable price. But what about accessories for this styling?

Luckily I've recently found a new designer that sells stunning accessories at unbelievable prices. If you recall, in another posting, I did promise I would let my reads know where.... and here it is! The store is called Modern Couture. Have you heard of it? If not it's a MUST shop at. Designer and owner, Donatela Couturier, has a vision of jewelry I've never seen before. It's unique and stands apart from other designers I know. Additionally, it's affordable for anyone! Knowing this designers skills I headed over there to pick up Queen Andy's tiara & bracelets. The tiara cost me $150Ls, while the bracelets, that comes in a set of two with earrings, is again 150Ls. Surprised? I was when I came here for my first time!

But what about those long pearl necklaces worn in the 1920s? Where do I get one? Ah Ha! EMO-tion has recently released a necklace set called Abigail. Abigail comes in a set of 6 pieces and each pieces is just as pretty as the next. Honestly, I'll be doing a few posts with this necklace since there are a number of necklaces attached. So be ready to see the name Abigail again, however in this styling I used the long white pearl necklace. How much does Abigail cost? Try 399Ls and personally it's another great buy! With so many necklaces to choose from, you can always mix and match like I did. Stay tuned for more of this necklace set.

Oh! How could I forget! We needed a 1920's hair style. Where to go....where to go.... I know! Lelutka! Josphine from Lelutka is a perfect fit for this 1920s styling with Downton Abbey in mind. What do you think?

And there you have it my delightful readers a styling inspired by Downton Abbey. If you need any help recreating this look please contact me in world and I'll be happy to help! Happy shopping and stay amazingly you.

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