Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Fairy of Wasteland

Hello my amazing readers, I have some news. As you know all my pictures from my blog come from myself, however until further notice the pictures will be taken by other photographers in SL. Why? Two reasons! One, I don't have my high graphics computer anymore to take pictures and second I've come to find a lot of people who don't take pictures don't know which photographers to hire. In my posts I will include not only the items I'm wearing but who the photographer is and their rates! Shall we get started? I think so!

Let me start by saying today is an EMO-tional day. Get it? EMO-tional? Okay maybe that didn't get you to laugh but I'm sure when you see this styling you will love it. EMO-tions has recently released a new attire called Wasteland. Wasteland comes with wings, skirt, upper armbands, lower armbands, and corset. EMO-tions has created two different color sets for this attire. The one I am wearing is the color of Faith and the other is called Hope. No matter which you get this attire is one word: fierce! When I first put it on, I felt like I could take on the world! But of course before I can take on the world I need the proper hair & helmet.

Hmmm... where do you get proper hair & helmet to enhance this fierce styling? of course! EMO-tions yet again. Luckily I was already in the store so I just walking across the store I picked up the hair Nefertiti and Frida. By combining two amazing hair styles I was able to create the type of hair I wanted. Now I needed a helmet of some sort. I walked around EMO-tions for a bit longer and came across the hair Lyra. Lyra has this beautiful headpiece that I knew would suit for this! This is where major editing came in and once edited I was left with only the headpiece that I wanted. I placed it on the head, but I wanted the fine metal and gems to be longer.  So I made a copy for the headpiece I just edited and put it next to the other. AND Va la! It matched perfectly!

The last touches was the Simone lipstick from Silken Moon & Regency thigh high boots from Bax Coen Design. What do you think of this style? Tell me in the comments below! Now, let me end today's blog post with telling you about this amazing photographer.

In today's blog post my pictures were taken by the talented Avalon Chrome. Have you heard of this photographer before? If not, then you must see her flickr. She's a graduate from Visionaire Institute and her own blog has been nominated for Avi's Choice Award Favorite Fashion Blogger 2014. She's won the best photo contest and landed the cover of NuVibez Magazine. She is simply amazing and she is currently taking clients. For her rates please contact her in SL under: Avalon Chrome.

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